Real-Time Workshop

Getting Started

Real-Time Workshop® builds applications from Simulink diagrams for prototyping, testing, and deploying real-time systems on a variety of target computing platforms. Users of Real-Time Workshop can direct it to generate source code that accommodates the compilers, input and output devices, memory models, communication modes, and other characteristics that their applications may require.

This guide summarizes the concepts, capabilities, user interface, and applications of Real-Time Workshop, to help you become productive with it as quickly as possible. It includes the following chapters:

This Getting Started guide is an introduction to the Real-Time Workshop documentation, which covers in detail technical topics such as code formats, rapid prototyping, communications, optimizations, and targeting. You may further customize code for targets and blocks by preparing Target Language Compiler scripts. The Target Language Compiler Reference Guide, which is also part of this documentation set, describes these advanced techniques.

 Introducing Real-Time Workshop