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Mask Icon Drawing Commands

This section describes commands that you can use to create programs that create or modify models.
Command Summary
Brief descriptions of commands.

Command Summary

This table summarizes the commands that you can use to create icons for masked subsystems.

Display text centered on a mask icon.
Display a transfer function on a mask icon.
Display variable text on a mask icon.
Display an image on a mask icon.
Draws a color patch of a specified shape on a mask icon.
Display graphics on a mask icon.
Display a port label on a mask icon.
Display text at a specified location on a mask icon.

Specifying Parameters and Object Paths

This section explains how to specify parameters and object paths required by model construction commands.

How to Specify Parameters for the Commands

The commands described in this chapter require that you specify arguments that describe a system, block, or block parameter. Appendix , "Model and Block Parameters, provides comprehensive tables of model and block parameters.

How to Specify a Path for a Simulink Object

Many of the commands described in this chapter require that you identify a Simulink system or block. Identify systems and blocks by specifying their paths:

If the block name includes a newline or carriage return, specify the block name as a string vector and use sprintf('\n') as the newline character. For example, these lines assign the newline character to cr, then get the value for the Signal Generator block's Amplitude parameter.

If the block name includes a slash character (/), you repeat the slash when you specify the block name. For example, to get the value of the Location parameter for the block named Signal/Noise in the mymodel system.

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