Block Libraries

    Look-Up Tables
    Math Operations
    Model Verification
    Model-Wide Utilities
    Ports & Subsystems
    Signal Attributes
    Signal Routing
    User-Defined Functions
    Blocksets and Toolboxes
    Demos Library

Simulink Blocks

    Action Port
    Algebraic Constraint
    Band-Limited White Noise
    Bitwise Logical Operator
    Bus Creator
    Bus Selector
    Check Discrete Gradient
    Check Dynamic Gap
    Check Dynamic Lower Bound
    Check Dynamic Range
    Check Dynamic Upper Bound
    Check Input Resolution
    Check Static Gap
    Check Static Lower Bound
    Check Static Range
    Check Static Upper Bound
    Chirp Signal
    Combinatorial Logic
    Complex to Magnitude-Angle
    Complex to Real-Imag
    Configurable Subsystem
    Coulomb and Viscous Friction
    Data Store Memory
    Data Store Read
    Data Store Write
    Data Type Conversion
    Dead Zone
    Digital Clock
    Direct Look-Up Table (n-D)
    Discrete Filter
    Discrete State-Space
    Discrete-Time Integrator
    Discrete Transfer Fcn
    Discrete Zero-Pole
    Dot Product
    Enabled and Triggered Subsystem
    Enabled Subsystem
    First-Order Hold
    For Iterator
    For Iterator Subsystem
    From File
    From Workspace
    Function-Call Generator
    Function-Call Subsystem
    Gain, Matrix Gain
    Goto Tag Visibility
    Hit Crossing
    If Action Subsystem
    Interpolation (n-D) Using PreLook-Up
    Logical Operator
    Look-Up Table
    Look-Up Table (2-D)
    Look-Up Table (n-D)
    Magnitude-Angle to Complex
    Manual Switch
    Math Function
    MATLAB Fcn
    Matrix Concatenation
    Model Info
    Multi-Port Switch
    Prelook-Up Index Search
    Pulse Generator
    Random Number
    Rate Limiter
    Rate Transition
    Real-Imag to Complex
    Relational Operator
    Repeating Sequence
    Rounding Function
    Scope, Floating Scope
    S-Function Builder
    Signal Builder
    Signal Generator
    Signal Specification
    Sine Wave
    Slider Gain
    Stop Simulation
    Subsystem, Atomic Subsystem
    Switch Case
    Switch Case Action Subsystem
    Time-Based Linearization
    To File
    To Workspace
    Transfer Fcn
    Transport Delay
    Trigger-Based Linearization
    Triggered Subsystem
    Trigonometric Function
    Uniform Random Number
    Unit Delay
    Variable Transport Delay
    While Iterator
    While Iterator Subsystem
    XY Graph
    Zero-Order Hold

Linearization and Trimming Commands

    linmod, dlinmod, linmod2

Model Construction Commands


Simulation Commands


Mask Icon Drawing Commands


Simulink Debugger Commands


Model and Block Parameters

    Model Parameters
    Common Block Parameters
    Block-Specific Parameters
    Mask Parameters

Model File Format

    Model File Contents
        Model Section
        BlockDefaults Section
        AnnotationDefaults Section
        System Section