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The following sections provide information about Simulink documentation and related products.
To the Reader
Introduces Simulink.
Related Products
Describes MathWorks products that enhance or complement Simulink.
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Typographical conventions used in Simulink documentation.

To the Reader

Welcome to Simulink®! In the last few years, Simulink has become the most widely used software package in academia and industry for modeling and simulating dynamic systems.

Simulink encourages you to try things out. You can easily build models from scratch, or take an existing model and add to it. Simulations are interactive, so you can change parameters on the fly and immediately see what happens. You have instant access to all the analysis tools in MATLAB®, so you can take the results and analyze and visualize them. A goal of Simulink is to give you a sense of the fun of modeling and simulation, through an environment that encourages you to pose a question, model it, and see what happens.

With Simulink, you can move beyond idealized linear models to explore more realistic nonlinear models, factoring in friction, air resistance, gear slippage, hard stops, and the other things that describe real-world phenomena. Simulink turns your computer into a lab for modeling and analyzing systems that simply wouldn't be possible or practical otherwise, whether the behavior of an automotive clutch system, the flutter of an airplane wing, the dynamics of a predator-prey model, or the effect of the monetary supply on the economy.

Simulink is also practical. With thousands of engineers around the world using it to model and solve real problems, knowledge of this tool will serve you well throughout your professional career.

  What Is Simulink?