Service de Métrologie Nucléaire (SMN)

One day meeting in the honor of Robert Beauwens

September, 9 2005

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Organizing committee:


  • Session 1: 9h00-10h30 (Chair: E. Mund)

    • 9h00 Opening
    • 9h15 G. VandenEynde (SCK/CEN)
      "Title to be announced"
    • 9h40 S. van Criekingen (CEA, France)
      "Generalizing Raviart-Thomas Elements to PN Transport"
    • 10h05 A. van de Velde (Framatome ANP, Germany)
      "Current challenges in reactor physics modeling at Framatome ANP"
    • 10h30-11h: coffee break
  • Session 2: 11h-12h15 (Chair: P.-E. Labeau)

    • 11h00 T. Szulc (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland)
      "Estimation of extremal singular values"
    • 11h25 E. Mund (ULB, Belgium)
      "The quasistatic method revisited"
    • 11h50 J. Brandts (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
      "Title to be announced"
  • 12h15-14h00: lunch

  • Session 3: 14h00-15h25 (Chair: Y. Notay)

    • 14h00 B. Ganapol (University of Arizona, USA)
      "The Multigroup Green's Function and Caseology"
    • 15h00 Magolu monga Made (ULB, Belgium)
      "Title to be announced"
  • 15h25-15h55: coffee break

  • Session 4: 15h55-17h00 (Chair: A. Dubus)

    • 15h55 Woznicki (Institute of Atomic Energy, Poland)
      "On advances in solving Sylvester equation AX - XB = C by means of the SOR-like method"
    • 16h20 Y. Notay (ULB, Belgium)
      "Revenge of MILU on multigrid"
  • 16h45-17h00: Closing

  • 17h00: Drink


  • ULB, 50 av. F. D. Roosevelt, Brussels
  • Campus du Solbosch, bat. U
                local: UB2-147
  • - more details will be given later -
  • There is the possibility of use the University Parking
    if your are interested please contact the organizers